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Thursday, January 4, 2018

January 04, 2018 by

The Mali Show: YouTube and decided to be me...

- Welcome to The Mali Show. 

I decided to be me because I have no other choice. 

- This is my first day of being a youtuber FOR REAL because I have never really TRIED.
These subscribers are very old, from the time when I had just been on the Norwegian Idol.
But being a youtuber is not my goal in itself although I share my content on YouTube.
My one and only goal is to create.

   - I say whatever comes to my mind and have no shame in this world.
I am proud when it comes to that. I gladly make a "fool out of myself" (which I think has to be shared with the world. Just as a reminder that you should not take yourself too seriously.) And I sing and produce my own songs. Here is today`s episode...

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