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May 17, 2022

May 17, 2022

NOTHING`S going on here...

Karaoke is one of my favorite hobbies, and here I am hitting that "high", obviously. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I came here to disappoint you (Once again! Like so many times before!) NOTHING`S going on here! I still use a Windows-computer on a regular basis, so I blame this to be the main reason for my laziness.

I hear a voice in my head, that could be Steve Job`s voice, but I am not 100% sure; "I can`t blame you!" So, we all have to agree that this is NOT MY FAULT! If I had my Mac, even an outdated version of a Mac, I would be making cool videos again. But I`ll be back. In the meanwhile please get annoyed by my recent YouTube video ๐Ÿ˜...

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April 17, 2022

April 17, 2022

Easter in Norway, 2022 - is OVER!

Please don`t be so DESPERATE! I WILL POST SOON! OMG!! JESEEES! I see you staring into the computer screen with goldfish eyes, like a goldfish longing to be in the water. I know you need your daily/weekly dose of my weirdness. Because YOU don`t dare to be weird. And filming your neighbors is illegal, you know this. SOMEBODY HAS TO BE CRAZY!

SOMEBODY HAS TO BE STOPPED! Because they are so crazy. You need to TALK about somebody, right. You need to know if your neighbor has the sofa that you bought! (You walk really SLOWLY by their open door and look inside, just really quick! "OH MY GOD! IT IS YELLOW! They have a yellow coach?"

We as humen really don`t do well without gossip. It is a proven fact. So, somebody has to be the ONE!

And I tend to...naturally be "the one"...

Photo: Obviously I am the artist here!

And a chocolate bar...

I will return to write more, eventually, today. So come back to the SAME blog post! Until then...

A few hours have passed and the star is back. Like I told you that I would be! So, how are you doing? ("How ya doin`?" - Wendy Williams.) Easter is OVER! OMG NOOOO! NO MORE CANDIES!

That`s what I`ve been saying to myself; "No more candies!" But we all know that`s a lie. This is the most famous LIE that people ever tell themselves. "NO MORE CANDIES!" and "No more over-eating like a fat PIG!" You know that will NEVER CHANGE! This Easter I ate like a crazy maniac. I gained weight like a cow. And I LOOK like a cow now! But that is OKAY! I love it! ๐Ÿ’–

Here is my latest vlog (Which I am not too happy about because I see a few mistakes in it, and I am a perfectionist while editing. But kinda hard to edit on a Mac that gets ERRORS like; "System overload!" Anyways; here it is and IT IS WHAT IT IS!:

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April 16, 2022

April 16, 2022

My World is yellow (Weird music video!)

OMG! This one is SO WEIRD!...


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April 16, 2022

Easter in Norway 2022, part 2...

I am going for some crazy colors this time. I usually use brown colors on titles etc. in this blog. But I just became "color-crazy" this time. And the painting is really OLD, though. I paint better now! I found this painting on my childhood bedroom wall. I don`t live in this house. I don`t even live in this country. But I am not going to say too much about that situation right now.

I can`t be serious even if I try!
I come from this AWESOME place on earth, so I am a country girl at heart. 

Here`s the vlog: 

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April 9, 2022

April 09, 2022

Happy easter! (Norway, 2022)

Photo: Stockvault

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April 4, 2022

April 04, 2022

What`s wrong with pink?

This is a homemade song and video that I made last summer...

I have nothing against pink...

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March 31, 2022

March 31, 2022

Get your ass to work! - Kim Kardashian

So, what does this "super-famous" actress do in her spare time? #irony. Well, she wonders about life itself, walks in nature, stops to look at cows and sheep, even donkies (Yes, people keep donkies as pets in their gardens where this infamous performance-artist lives.๐Ÿ˜) - while planning her next move. Creatively. 

"Get your ass up and work! People don`t want to work anymore, nowadays!" - Kim Kardashian.

I agree 100%! Since work is the only way you get somewhere in life. (The people who tried to motivate ME to work back in the day are probably choking on their pizzas right now..."Welcome to reality, it was about TIME!"๐Ÿ˜‚)

BUT!: I also remember how hard I struggled to actually get motivated mentally to just SHOW UP to work back in the day (about 10 years ago? Feels like forever since I worked in a regular job.) So, for that reason, it is not just a simple task to just "Get your ass to work!" for some people.

BUT!: work is the ONLY WAY! We all have to work on something. Even though you think you don`t have to work because you`re filthy rich, then you probably have to work on something else in your life. Nobody`s perfect.  Perhaps you don`t have a regular 9-5 kind of job? (I feel like a salesman right now!) But somebody is going to value what you`re doing on this planet. So that is why I feel it`s important that you SHOW UP in your own life. First and foremost. Then if you`re the kind that love to share what you`re doing?...I feel a song coming right now!

"Don`t you just LOOOOOOVE what you`re doing?"

If you cannot say "YES!" to that question, you are not where you`re supposed to be in your life right now.  But you can be! Find out what you love to do! Then, if you work hard you will ripe the fruits. Ripe the benefits of your hard labour.

IF you KNOW what you`re doing. I don`t know what I`m doing. Just letting the wind take me...Today we had hail.

Without chocolate there`s no show 

So what does this 39 year YOUNG (!!!) and super-famous actress think of Will Smith crashing the Oscars by slapping Chris Rock? 

Well, Society and life can`t handle The Oscars anymore. It`s just too much. People have real lives and real struggles. Regardless of winning Oscars or not. Will did win this year. Did we hear a lot about that? No. Not so important after all. And the presenters with the jokes? The world is fed up by the jokes
about other people. Do we really care about this kind of entertainment? Not really. Just like any other show, we care more about our last chocolate bar that we will eat later. We don`t really care if Kim Kardashian has her red carpet moment and everybody says she steals the show in her neon blue gown. Without the chocolate, there`s NO SHOW. And that has nothing to do with the show. So, finally it all became a joke in my opinion. 

YES! yes! YEEES!

Finally; what I wanted to experience so much, is now just a joke. I though I was a joke. 
No, I didn`t. YOU did! You freakin` did, didn`t you? While I was having my moment, I stole more than just a moment from you, while you were throwing yourself behind the coach when I was on TV. (This was actually something that somebody DID while watching me on that Idol performance of mine. So I didn`t make it up. (Threw themselves behind the coach. More embarrased than I could ever become of myself...kinda weird. DON`T become that embarrassed by OTHER PEOPLE! *Good advice*) Omg, that was a joke, you guys. I should write the jokes down somewhere, I am GOOD at this! I could do jokes at the Oscar`s! Come to my standup show! (It doesn`t exist. Things exist a lot more inside of my head.)

But I once watched the Oscars. Hated it. Didn`t go to school the next day. Pretended to be sick. But I actually think it took a toll on me...all the red carpet moments. How much can a young person take? Says a lot about how my struggles started. My glamour and Hollywood - struggles. Yes, I have struggled ever since I was a young girl whenever somebody else received an Oscar - and not me (I was already struggling with the Euro Song Contest every spring). I just knew I couldn`t say this to the social services. Even though I really felt tempted. Every time they told me that I can`t sit on my butt and "you have to go somewhere so that you are going to be forced to sit on your butt for hours and then smile even though you hate it!", my tiara on my head grew larger and larger until the hand came out. (No, not the middle finger...comon!) I simply did my imaginary exit...

"Talk to the hand! `Cause this face? With the perfectly drawn eyebrows?...can`t handle it....honey!"

In my perfect movie I wanted to add a confident "Hollywood wans me!", but I instantly felt like I let myself down since I hadn`t done anything about this dream - YET! So, I stopped by the shop, grabbed a coke and took the bus back home. The bus is always packed with boring people. I just kept my deep secret that nobody else knew; I wasn`t one of them. At least I kept telling myself that. So, not fitting in anywhere in society actually kind of was my own fault. Because I kept seeing myself in rewind. And this movie only I could understand.

Posing with awards don`t help much...

Oh my God! I want to thank ...JESEEEES! I see Will Smith over there!!! Fresh Prince Of the Bell Air with Jazzy Jeff !!!! Who cares about this shit. I want to hang with them! I wanted so bad to be thrown out by Uncle Phil!

Because how much work did you actually DO today? NOTHING! You sat there on the coach with last night`s pizza. "Get your ass to work!", Kim says. She sounds even angry the way she puts it. Because hasn`t she done so much for this planet by now? 

I will just leave you with these words. I don`t know how she came into the spotlight. But something about the ass. I 100% believe that. 

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March 25, 2022

March 25, 2022

Blah blah blah....

Today`s video. When all you can do is TALK....blah blah and BLAAAH....

Some people are into that sh*t. Some people are into everything that you do. There`s hope for everyone
becoming famous on the world wide web. "Internet famous". Who cares about television-famous nowadays? The Internet is the future. And ONLY the internet. If you`re on Google, then you`ve done something with your life. (For good or bad. You`ve at least done something that made you stand out. If that`s what you WANT. This is not for everyone, though. Some people just want to be the clown of the family or the class room and they never show the world their sillyness. )

But if YOU want to show the world who you are, then you can. Yes, indeed, you can! That`s what I do,
naturally, but I pretty much don`t have another choice, it`s who I am. I have tried not to be like that,
but it made me depressed. So, be who you are!

Thanks for watching! ๐Ÿ‘

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March 16, 2022

March 16, 2022

You can`t sink any lower...

Every time I had a new chance, I just hung up the phone. 

The Mali Show is a show that...๐Ÿ˜• Well, I have no idea what`s going on here. But this is episode 1 of  2022. Because all I know is that the show must go on. IF The Kardashians decide to create another "spin off" of their old, super -  annoying series then I can continue as well with my sh*t! You pretty much can`t sink any lower then. 

"Why didn`t you create anything sooner this year?", someone in back of the audience asks. Yes, I have a pretend-audience (until I have a real audience!) 

Pretty simple answer; "I was in Africa running a few errands...like buying oranges from a donkey wagon". 

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November 14, 2021

November 14, 2021

Alien abduct me!

Welcome back! I have made some new music lately...

It is probably TOO weird for you. And that`s OKAY ๐Ÿ˜...

I make stuff with my old Windows computer at the moment, because I am traveling. It is impossible to travel with a stationary Mac, as you probably already know. But Windows is very BAD. I have struggled to edit my videos lately. What you can do is limited and at the same time it is complicated. I have no idea why they create softwares like these. (The one I`ve used is Sony Vegas.) It does the job, though. (In the end!) I`l l be back to my Mac eventually, anyway.

This is Windows. I stole this picture on the world wide web, but it is still pretty much the TRUTH!

Here is my "wonderful" music...Please judge for yourself! ๐Ÿ˜ And you could also follow me here on the blog and on YouTube for more. I will be posting more soon. Surfing on a wave of creativity right now ๐ŸŒŠ


Have a wonderful day / night wherever you are. 
Happy editing photos, videos, music or whatever and have a great fall. ๐Ÿ

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November 4, 2021

November 04, 2021


Welcome to another blog post! I am not here too often at the moment. But I will be! I am working on the idea. Some projects are up in the "air" if you can put it that way. Ideas are coming to life. Out of nowhere. But also out of "Something". Never without the "red thread". The continuity of the main storyline. I looked it up on Google. 

Important to not spread yourself thin in this game. Focus on exactly what you`re the best at!

I am at my best whenever I entertain. But you can do that in various forms. But choose the form that you are able to perform RIGHT NOW. 

Podcast is my thing at the moment. They are so BAD that I can only pray to higher powers to become better at doing them. So, that`s why I continue doing them. You never know when a miracle is sent from above. And I believe in Buddha, Jesus, Allah, Jah, Hare Krishna, angels, spiritguides, satan, sankthans...(Sankthans = a midsommer party. The feast day of St. Johannes. I do believe in that time of the year.)

I do believe in a lot of things, also fall decorations (it`s cute!)... 

Getting sidetracked 

I support everything, but not the Jehova`s Witnesses. Just draw the line there! I tried once to talk them out of their nonesense, but after everything I said they still smiled and said that they were "Very, very happy in their lives". I had wasted 30 minutes out of their precious time while they were flashing off their "ready for another meeting at the mission - kind of outfits". To convince them that we are reincarnated and will live AGAIN - depending on what kind of life we decide to live in that new reincarnation. Looked at me like I am some kind of lost soul. Well, let me tell you...honey...I decide what to talk about on MY DOORSTEPS! They were almost leaving my door. Which is actually unheard of. That`s how stubborn they were. In their beliefs. Even though they kind of wanted to hang in there...you know...to see if there`s a tiny chance of hope that this lost soul will surrender. I had no hope or what so ever. "Hope is a BEGGAR!"(One of Jim Carrey`s speeches.) I just like the attention and use the opportunity to talk about MY special interests. They moved on after hearing about my specialities, and their grey skirts with matching coats screamed a "We are really, really happy with our lives". Because that is what I asked them; if they were happy. You know, in that ironic way. They have witnessed Jehova for so long now that there`s no turning back for them. They love it so much that they will become Jehovas Witnesses in their next lifetime too. With other words; the door to heaven will not be the last door. 

Listen, you really have to hold your ground when it comes to these people. Attack them with their own slogans and propaganda! Just find your own topic and bombard their brains with it. They are gonna hate it. And they`ll leave you alone, trust me. "You`re gonna be sorry you came to my door. I am only interested in building colonies on Mars, so I wish they started that Space X program like ASAP and just moved people to Mars. I have a few people on my list." I do the same with politicians as they knock on my door during political rallies. Every time they came to my neighborhood, I looked through the curtains. I saw them walking passed my house, so they have obviously removed me off their list.

That could be another podcast in the future. Maybe. Maybe not. Not even Mars can handle it.

Anyways; I was getting way too sidetracked here. Did I mention that I have ADHD?

Here are my recent - and super-weird podcasts (Not really podcasts, though):

The show that you can't tell your friends about. Because then you don't have friends anymore.
(Okay, that was a joke.)

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October 22, 2021

October 22, 2021

The worst song I`ve ever made + dancing on webcam...

What`s been going on lately? Well, not so much to be honest. I am too busy to create at the moment.
But I had a few breaks where I made a video or two. Here...

"One of the worst songs I`ve ever made"...

And dancing like a crazy maniac. Why not? I love this song...

Both of these videos are lo-fi. It is not only my style but also actually returning and trending from the 70`s. Even the 90`s with the VHS effects. Glitch is my thing right now. And yes, if you use a bad webcam with poor lighting, then you end up with crappy videos, but hey, that IS my thing. 

Have a wonderful day / night wherever you are ๐Ÿ˜Ž

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August 19, 2021

August 19, 2021

Songs - lost and found...

Yes, I found old videos in my archive that I thought were deleted. This photo does look like Perez Hilton`s "pencil - style". He writes on his photos. I didn`t realize it until later on. So, it was not on purpose. 

Good point! Just be who and what you want to attract in your life. I am pretty satisfied with
who I am and what I do with my life, and that is the energy that I want to express to the world. 
That is also the energy that I will receive back. It has everything to do with the Law Of Attraction.

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