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October 29, 2018

October 29, 2018

Me, me, me and ME!

Yo dawg! Wassup dawg? (Okay, I am going to stop saying this (even though I really DON`T WANT TO! The 16 year old teenager in me says "Don`t ever STOP!" (The problem is; I am 35!)

So why do I want to talk about myself again? Well, would you rather I talked about YOU? I didn`t think so, honey, I didn`t think so! THAT could be a novel. A bestseller. Right? Maybe next time!

Here are the photos of my recent video (I thank GOD every day for my good looks! You should do the same!)...

And below the photos I am going to begin to rant like never before. (I was thinking that I should go Kanye West on you!) Okay, I am NOT, just maybe a little bit. But you are going to have to watch a video. I am NOT forcing you, but I don`t get it why you`re here if you don`t think there`s going to be a weird video SOMEWHERE on this freaking page that you are staring at right now.

I have just had a sip of my ( I think it was Nesquick.) I am just gonna dive right in and talk a little bit about...

The illusions, the lies

We`re going to watch an awesome video, where I only give you the best impression, as always; I just am myself and some people take cocaine and freaking ecstacy to feel the way that I feel every single day of my life. Ever since I started NOT to care anymore - about the illusions that we experience every single day of our lives. The illusions that many of you don`t know are illusions YET. I`m saying "yet" because many of us are now waking up to the reality of this universe. And if you are one of the lucky awakened ones, then all I have to say to you is; welcome to the club! It`s time to follow your bliss in life. You can reach your highest potential only by following your bliss in life. And a lot of times that means NOT listening to nobody but yourself. YOU are the only thinker inside your head. I have experience when it comes to this (but don`t we all?); some"wannabe big thinkers" tried to make me follow them; "do this, do that! Do something real this time!" Like the personality that you have is for some reason not, real, not unique and not enough. Well, I am here to tell you that whoever told you this is not any of these things either, In fact; they lack a lot of confidence in themselves. They have trust issues. They follow the cheep dog even though they could open their eyes and see that they could run away, up that hill and into the woods and never come back. The perfect escape. Because who wants to be in the barn with the rest of the stupid cheep? Most of them aren`t doing things right. If there was ONE fence, the cheep would run towards and through the fence. Even though there is NO fence anywhere else in the area. That`s the cheep mentality. But maybe some of them are destined to become imprisoned forever. Because to realize we are free we have to experience imprisonment. But this is a transition. I feel we are going to become more free in time. (Start our own businesses, grow our own gardens etc. Organic vegetables would be great right now. It`s time to turn things around and go back to nature. (This is my personal opinion.) And if you are even capable of thinking this thought right now; "I want something more in my life, I want to fulfill my life purpose, I want to get on the right path."It already reveals that YOU, my friend, are on your way. That is a start. It`s time that we start to do things right in our own lives. You can`t start by others telling you what to do. They don`t know you. You know YOU!

So I know I started this article by saying "Me, me, me and ME!" Now I feel it`s time to say: "Us, us, us and US!"

But please let me just talk just a LITTLE bit more about me...

I was a silent actress from Kansas

A psychic friend once told me I had a past life as a silent actress in Hollywood. It kinda makes sense because I can`t shut up in this life. I came from Kansas. I was just like that Dorothy from Kansas, or something! I left my home town, went to Hollywood and became a silent actress. But life was hard in Hollywood, so I started to drink heavily. I was alcohol poisoned in that life and died too soon. In this life I have learned NEVER to drink. (Even though I tried I knew I didn`t like it. And I am very stubborn so people can`t get me to do things that I know my body won`t accept.) NEVER have I been on an acid trip or a mushroom trip either (which is probably the same kind of psychedelic trip! Although it looks like I am constantly on an acid trip. But that is because I have fun.) Why did I mention this? Well, it`s Halloween soon and I just love the idea of the freaky, psychedelic mushroom trip - cosplay - thing. (That doesn`t exist?!) Yes, I know this is only a "thing" inside my head! WHY take drugs and drink when you can be....me? I don`t get it. Sorry! Whenever I tried I never became the best version of myself. But when I am in front of a camera I become the best version of myself. So what I am trying to say is; BE the best version of yourself TODAY! (This was ALL I could be today, but tomorrow I am going to be BETTER!) The silent actress from Kansas still lives in me. But I have chosen not to be so silent in this life. (I am now looking up on the internet "what kind of thick accent they talk in Kansas". Them farmers got a very thick accent, right? Don`t know why, but they yell to each other from the barn. I got experience here too. But that is a local experience. I come from a horse farm as well.) I have just googled Kansas dialects, but they don´t have a specific dialect at all. Okay, then I know I have been watching too many episodes of the "Dallas" series as a kid. But that was before internet. I simply didn`t have a choice.

I`m so happy to share these beautiful, but so very CRINGY moments with you (That`s why I`m here! To make you feel like;  This is so weird, SO embarrassing. Wow! I am ALIVE! Now I dare to dress up as a steak after all. Just like the freaks in the Party Monster - movie. I just love the way the club kids used to act. (Except for murdering each other!) "How can you afford dressing up like this?  Answer: "I`m a drug dealer". I like the "performance art" aspect of it all.)

Bilderesultat for party monster gif

My recent video ( I really chose the nicest thumbnail this time! And I tried to edit out all the F-words but I missed a few (Sorry about that! But this character is always kinda pissed/confused)...