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Become a FAN!

Welcome! I am now back again on this blog with the first blog post of 2019. So, what is the topic today?...

I know that I am talking about that you should become a fan of ME, but that is just irony. This is a very silly video. And that is a good thing; that we can be silly, stupid, crazy, weird, freaky and just don`t give a damn. Be who you are and be free! That is the only way you can actually free yourself from ANYTHING! To free yourself from mental slavery is not just a Bob Marley lyric of one of his hit songs; It is what happens when you become yourself.

One of the most idiotic videos I`ve made so far (with some audio issues), but I will post every video from now on, just the way I made them...

I am from Norway. I love to make videos. I have painted in the past, maybe I will start again. I am addicted to anything creative. I also love to write. My main goal in life is to entertain. I feel like I could be Jim Carrey`s unknown twin sister on an astral plane. Thanks for reading my articles and watching my videos.