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I will change the photos. These are test photos!
There are no rules! I´m not following the mainstream!
I love colors! It`s almost psychedelic at times!
More to come!

February 12, 2019

February 12, 2019

I`m back with weird videos!


Look at the wild and crazy hair! I cut my own hair. Yes! Believe it or not! (I know you believe me!)

I never get into fights or arguments with this secret trick.

"If I don´t like myself - that`s just an error. I see a hot bitch when I look in the mirror!" I am not the best songwriter, but I don`t really care. No, by the way; I take that back! I am a VERY good songwriter. My lyrics suck so much that they are really cool and funny. Grammy? Why not? I say "Yes, thank you!" to everything in life. Great self - esteem? YES!

I always come up with the best quotes and slogans.

I just don`t know why I look so good on photos. Do you?

Why be innocent when innocent don`t work? Gonna show them my body in this f***ed up world! Yes, I wrote it myself. I don`t take my videos seriously at all. (And you shouldn`t either!)

Version nr. 2...

I am inspired by the early 90`s. "Ski or die" was a cool computer game. So I just had to use the sound effects.

Will my videos become any BETTER? Right now I don`t think so! In the future? Maybe.