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Only the trips matter

YES! An old chair. Great! Coffee break among the trees! ☕

Don`t care about how I look, obviously. Only the trip matters!

Only walking matters around where I live.

And now; the question I`ve been wanting to ask. Can you relate to my music - and video


"The telephone song". It`s weird. No surprise there!

And I promise that I am finished pretending to be scary (Horror-movie-scary)...

Have a wonderful day / night wherever you are. Until we meet again. 💖

And here is my recent vlog...

I am from Norway. I love to make videos. I have painted in the past, maybe I will start again. I am addicted to anything creative. I also love to write. My main goal in life is to entertain. I feel like I could be Jim Carrey`s unknown twin sister on an astral plane. Thanks for reading my articles and watching my videos.