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More videos and more articles

2023 is here! It`s time that I make MORE videos and write MORE articles. The year will be for me; all about doing MORE. More creative content for the world wide web. Some pople say "Hey! You`re too old for this. (I`m like: "Hahah, like I care?! As long as I look as young as I do, I can do whatever I want, EVEN when I start to look older...which will be in my 60`s (but I doubt it because of my vegan diet that I will start this year!...Half-joke, I guess...I would love to be a vegan, but I love Sushi too much.)  -  then when I`m a lot older I`ll probably go on doing something a little different. I think I need to lose my eyesight to stop making videos. Gotta go deaf and blind around here before anything changes. As long as I see and hear there`s nothing stopping me.") I don`t listen to comments like:"You`re crazy. You should STOP what you`re doing!" Well...

Jim Carrey is really crazy too. Made million dollar movies because of this fact. So...
What do you have to say to that? πŸ˜‚ And in old is he? I don`t really know, but he`s kinda looking like he`s in his late 50`s. And he is STILL crazy. And I love it. He believes that he doesnt`t even exist. That`s next level craziness. πŸ˜‚ 

So, here`s a video about me and my camera that I LOVE so very much...

My advice for you is: Do MORE of what you already love doing! πŸ‘

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I am from Norway. I love to make videos. I have painted in the past, maybe I will start again. I am addicted to anything creative. I also love to write. My main goal in life is to entertain. I feel like I could be Jim Carrey`s unknown twin sister on an astral plane. Thanks for reading my articles and watching my videos.