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It`s never too late

Hi, and welcome back to The Mali Show where I (mostly) share videos from the YouTube channel The Mali Show.  Please check it out! You won`t be too disappointed, haha! 😂 Yes, It IS weird! I am not trying to be anything else either...but myself. 

It`s NEVER too late to be yourself. The person you signed up to be. I signed up to be an entertainer. 
(Signed up, yeah, I know it sounds weird, but...I made a "deal" with the universe, I feel. Not a crappy deal. With some toys and a happy meal. NO! That`s Kanye West`s life. Don`t try to live someone elses life! Try YOURS! You won`t be too disappointed, trust me! 😂

Here are a few videos that will make you feel like "Oh my God, I am pretty average and normal. But I WANT to be more than that; I want to be a little crazy too. Not just watching other people being themselves (But you should watch my show! 😂) So, TODAY I am going to create my first video on YouTube or write my first blog article and show the world who I am."

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I am from Norway. I love to make videos. I have painted in the past, maybe I will start again. I am addicted to anything creative. I also love to write. My main goal in life is to entertain. I feel like I could be Jim Carrey`s unknown twin sister on an astral plane. Thanks for reading my articles and watching my videos.