Welcome to Mali - My Universe!... A blogger/vlogger from Norway.
I will change the photos. These are test photos!
There are no rules! I´m not following the mainstream!
I love colors! It`s almost psychedelic at times!
More to come!


- Not the most "normal" series you`ve seen in your life, to be honest. Not trying to impress anyone at all. Just a series about a totally honest person (which is a parody on myself, but a lot crazier. I am actually a little boring in reality.) My motto is; if you can`t use actors to embarrass in front of an audience, just use yourself as an actor. If that was your long life dream. My dream was to be an actor.
A performance artist, an entertainer. If you want to make a series, and you don`t like the idea of controlling other people, don`t like the drama that comes with depending on others, then just be the actor! You can do so much better by yourself! ;-) Actually; nobody wants to participate in this sh*t anyways so I guess I don`t have another choice.

- The music will be as bad as the series above. Trust me. That is my style. Come back for more evidence! ;-) 


Under construction!